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Support Plans

Intensity Analytics offers a variety of support plans, and these details may be negotiated separately and then attached to the sales agreement, based on the customer’s existing capabilities, technical skills, and market expertise. However, in general, we offer a three-tier support plan as a framework:

First Tier Support

(provided by the Reseller, Enterprise Help Desk, or Third-Party Supplier)

These are specialists solve basic user issues, and have a general understanding of the Products. They gather customer information, analyze symptoms, and determine the basic problem(s). They solve the majority of problems, including such issues as physical layer issues, verification of hardware and software setup, installation issues, and diagnosing supporting components, including databases and web servers. If a solution is not determined, the issue is raised to the next Tier.

Second Tier

(provided as in the first tier, or by Intensity Analytics)

These are specialists who have more experience and knowledge, and can assist First Tier specialists with basic technical problems. They investigate the issues raised, and check for known solutions to complex issues. For certain installations, they may need access to the customer environment to diagnose problems. If a solution is not determined, the issue is raised to the next Tier.

Third Tier

(provided by Intensity Analytics)

These are specialists with deep knowledge of the Products, and the ability to develop solutions for new or unknown issues. They usually have access to source code, and work directly with the Product development staff to issue any required patches or general fixes.

Second and third tier support when provided by Intensity Analytics, is via phone and email, during normal business hours (EST/EDT), excluding holidays and weekends. Guaranteed response times and extended hours are available for an additional charge. Onsite support can be provided, based on availability, for an additional charge.

In addition, Intensity Analytics provides normal product updates as they are released, to any customers on a current maintenance plan. These updates are distributed through the normal supplier, either from the reseller or directly.

As some of Intensity Analytics’ products might be embedded in other third-party solutions, it may be required that we have access to those systems and relevant technical experts. Since these requirements vary widely, any specifics will be detailed in an attachment for each specific support agreement. Additional charges will apply.

Intensity Analytics offers consulting and customization on a daily rate. For more information, contact sales@intensityanalytics.com.